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Video: Israël wants to be part of the Wine world map

AFP (Agence France-Presse) recently uploaded a video on Youtube: a reportage about development and export of Israeli wines, where Marc Dworkin is being interviewed.

As the video is only avaiable in French, please find an English translation below.

On the slopes of the Judean Mountains, a new Israeli passion blooms. Eran Pik checks the quality of its vineyards, on one of the 300 wineries in the country. Wine production in Israel has been under development for 20 years, even if it already happened Bible times.

Eran Pik, wine producer Tzora vineyard:
"It is a land of wine, with a history of 3-4000 years, but a story that has not been continuous. That's why, when the wine was produced here for thousands of years - and probably good wine - we do not know how they produced it."

Each year, Israel produces 40 million bottles of wine, of which 10 to 15% is exported, mainly to the United States and France. The country is trying to get a place on the international wine scene, and do not just target the Jewish communities.

Gavrier Geller, wine consultant:
"The main problem is when an Israeli wine is exported, it usually ends up on the shelf of kosher products in stores. A customer who does not really need a kosher wine can miss it."

Israelis drink on average 5 liters of wine a year - their consumption is still far below that of the French or Italians. But according to a survey, the number of people drinking wine regularly increased by 50% in 5 years. For winemaker Marc Dworkin, Israeli wines have all the qualities required to become "great wines".

Marc Dworking, winemaker and wine producer:
"Vineyards better and better kept, internal consumption increases, an international application which should not weaken, and quality in general, which is increasing year by year. So I think that Israeli wines have a very bright future coming."

And even though there is a lack of a true popular culture of wine, producers have large ambitions: to produce a high-end and typical Israeli wine.